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Gender related counseling and coaching involves anything related to gender - ranging from initial questioning to transition steps (or no steps) to solidifying your identity.  I offer a unique perspective, as I personally identify as gender diverse (AFAB, Non-Binary, Masc-Presenting, they|them), and have both a personal and professional expertise not often found in the counseling world.  I am member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) and follow the current standards of care. I am well-versed in writing HRT and surgery referral letters and am committed to making the process as easy, cost-effective, and quick as possible so that you can move forward in your transition journey (I’ve been there!).  

Common topics include: 

Resolving questions related to gender

Navigating identity as Trans vs. Non-Binary

Resolving internalized phobias

Coping with Dysphoria

Navigating a world where you feel misunderstood

Coming out across environments 

Processing decisions regarding transition steps

Identifying what steps (or no steps) desired in transition 

Sex and Sexuality related to gender

Identity development and social identity

Family and couples work related to gender

Employment/School environment concerns

Referrals to trans-affirming services

HRT referral letters

Surgery referral letters

Transition coaching


Fee for standard 50-minute session is $125.00. All fees are private pay via credit/debit cards, or health/flex savings account.  Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance; however, some insurances consider me to be an out-of-network provider (for therapy, not coaching) and you may be eligible for reimbursement, depending on your plan.  If so, I can provide documentation that can be submitted to your insurance. 

HRT/Surgery Referral Letters: 

I am often asked how many sessions it takes to obtain an HRT or Surgery Referral Letter.  It takes just one session to gather the information needed for your letter. All letters are written using an informed consent assessment model - meaning, there is NO gatekeeping in this process.  I also do not charge any additional fees to write a letter, as I consider this to be part of your session fees.  


My virtual office is located on your phone, tablet, or computer on a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.  


Call Jackson at:  931-538-3486

Email Jackson at:

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