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Online Therapist, Counselor, Life Coach - Specializing in Gender Related Care

Do you identify as gender diverse (transgender, non-binary, gender queer, etc.) or are you currently questioning or discovering your gender? Are you struggling with issues related to gender or transitioning?  Are you searching for a therapist who can provide you with a referral letter for HRT or surgery?  If you are looking for a therapist who truly sees you, understands you, and has 'been there' themselves - Jackson (Jack) L. Garner, LCSW is a coach and licensed clinical therapist in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois who specializes in gender and issues surrounding gender.  Jack is a member of WPATH and is well versed in gender related care and writing referral letters for HRT and surgeries.  Jack personally identifies as gender diverse (AFAB, Non-Binary, Masc-Presenting; they|them) and truly understands what it is like to question your gender, experience dysphoria, and take medical transition steps.

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Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

Jack's approach to coaching or counseling is considered holistic and eclectic, which means your work together will be as individualized as you are unique. Jack draws from many different perspectives to address your individual concerns and needs. Whether you are struggling with dysphoria, anxiety, depression, relationships, general life struggles, or are just needing a referral letter for medical transition related procedures, Jack will cater to your individual needs. 

Jack holds a strong belief that all people are capable and have everything they need to live a whole and joy-filled life. In your work, the focus will be on how to assist you in improving your life and obtaining inspired positive movement toward the direction of your desires.  Jack will utilize therapeutic or coaching techniques that promote the identification and maximization of what is going right in your life, what you want more of in your life, and what is best serving you, your purpose, and your journey.   Jack has found through this approach, you will feel better faster and feel more equipped to transform your life through the awakening of your inner strength, resiliency, and true self.  

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"Each human being is bred with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it."  


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With You Every Step of the Way

Jack offers online individual counseling, life coaching, gender related services, and partner/family work to assist your loved ones with understanding you and your journey. Take a look at the services offered, and get in touch today.

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Accessing Online Services

To schedule, please reach out to Jack (via form below, email, or phone) and they will get you scheduled and all set up! 

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Phone: 931-538-3486; Fax: 855-397-1208

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